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Clearly Communicated Expectations Are Always Good Business Practice

If your business is going to hire employees, a solid employment contract could save you from costly disputes. While it sounds fairly straightforward, employers are frequently perplexed when their employee refuses to perform their work in a timely manner or expects to be paid a higher wage for completing tasks that are part of the ordinary course of their employment. Employment contracts are a valuable means of communication and minimize the potential for future conflicts with your employees.

Employer Transparency Leads To Long-Term Employees

Employers must be careful to avoid discriminatory language in their employment contracts. Sensibly crafted employment contracts can prevent misunderstandings by setting:

  • Expectations of duties
  • Employment start date
  • Wages
  • Benefits of employment
  • Terms for raises
  • Safety procedures
  • Dress codes
  • Nondisclosure policies
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Terms for dismissal

At Fridman Law Firm PLLC, we will help you draft employment contracts that comply with state and federal employment laws and motivate potential employees.

Is Your Business Better Off With Independent Contractors?

Independent contractors are a large part of the new, digital economy. Engaging contractors often enables your business to obtain high-quality work product without the overhanging liability of providing benefits your business cannot afford.

It is vital to determine – and revisit when necessary – what type of employee will be most beneficial to your business model. You can hire employees on an hourly basis for full- or part-time work or offer a salary. Independent contractors often work for a set fee as established in a contract. Your independent contractor will generally:

  • Establish their own hours
  • Work outside of your managerial guidelines and direction
  • Not be subject to your supervision or control
  • Be considered freelance or self-employed

The utmost transparency is critical in your independent contractor agreements. We can help you.

Sustainable Employment And Independent Contractor Agreements

Employment contracts are good for the health of your business. Well-drafted contracts will prevent the costly and frustrating revolving door of employee hiring, firing and retraining that sucks the life from your productivity. Call in New York City at or send us an email to initiate a power-packed consultation.

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