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As a law firm based in New York City, we’re used to working with clients of all shapes and sizes, from emerging startup companies to large corporations. Given the breadth of our experience, our legal team is well-suited to serve your company regardless of its current stage of development.

When starting out, companies have a low tolerance for big mistakes. An experienced legal team can help businesses plan for common missteps and avoid major pitfalls. This begins with choosing the proper legal structure for a company and drafting key governing documents, such as partnership contracts, operating agreements, and by-laws for the company’s daily operations.

When done correctly, this initial groundwork protects owners from personal liability for the actions taken by their organization, mitigates the negative impacts of taxes, and ensures that companies are set up properly to raise capital and undergo an intensive due diligence process on the part of potential investors interested in making an investment in the company. Simply put, it sets the stage for a startup to thrive.

As a startup begins to grow, a legal team can help negotiate and formalize agreements with potential business partners, employees, service providers, vendors, and contractors. Startups seeking additional outside capital from institutional investors should consult with business lawyers to discuss various options, such as venture capital financing or even funding from private equity groups or hedge funds, depending on the company’s stage.

After a startup becomes a full-fledged enterprise, its legal matters only become bigger and more complicated. Business lawyers can help a mature corporation navigate liability concerns, regulations, and negotiations. Business lawyers are also essential when one or more partners decide to exit the company and can provide strategic guidance in addition to drafting the necessary legal documentation.

How Can You Minimize Risks to Your Business

Business is all about risk and opportunity, the scales of which change as a business grows.

Most startups have tight runways, and seemingly minor missteps can result in devastating results. Every founder should consider consulting with a business lawyer. The earlier this is done, the better positioned a company is to minimize risk with a forward-thinking legal strategy.

Risk is a particular concern for companies with employees. Employers must navigate a labyrinth of federal, state, and local employment laws. Business lawyers can help a company take a proactive approach to the legal matters of employment by helping to craft employee handbooks, non-disclosure agreements, and other HR documentation. Business attorneys can also counsel a small business on best practices for terminating employees, which may include severance negotiations and separation agreements.

Legal disputes are another kind of risk for companies of any size. A corporate legal team can provide counsel on legal rights and help resolve matters through arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. At times, legal action may be necessary, and business lawyers are prepared to represent their company or client professionally and passionately.

Types of Business Law We Handle

At Fridman Law Firm, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with both strategic and tactical legal solutions. Our team of New York City business lawyers fulfills this mission by practicing business law in a number of critical areas.

Startup Law

Because startup companies have to deal with myriad challenges that established enterprises do not, this area of business law in New York City is different from run-of-the-mill corporate law.

Attorneys practicing startup law should know about corporate structuring and formation issues. They should also have an understanding of legal matters associated with raising capital, securities, taxation, and intellectual property.

Without a dedicated legal team, most startups in the five boroughs will work with an outside New York City business lawyer team. An experienced law firm can help a startup address its most fundamental legal needs without the cost of an in-house team and serve as the company’s go-to resource for all of its legal needs as outside general counsel.

Corporate Law

Corporate law includes all legal issues that an enterprise could face. Many of these legal issues involve the various federal, state, and local regulations the corporation must follow to legally operate and enjoy the tax benefits that corporations receive. Corporations doing business in New York City do not have to be incorporated in New York State. However, they must still register in New York State before conducting business in the State.

Business lawyers specializing in corporate law can become involved in all manner of corporate transactions. These matters can include employment law, contracts, financings, and intellectual property matters. While large corporations typically have their own in-house legal team, startups and small businesses will typically partner with an experienced corporate law firm.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions often make great headlines, but behind the headlines is a lot of legal maneuvering that leads to a structured transaction. These types of business deals vary significantly in terms of their complexity. Business lawyers dealing with mergers and acquisitions will help their clients with the negotiation, drafting, and execution of agreements.

These matters can be the most significant events in the history of an organization, and the consequences of these deals can have a real-life impact on countless people, from founders to employees. Clearly, it pays to have a legal team that is experienced in mergers and acquisitions when dealing with this type of legal matter.

General Counsel

Customarily considered the premier legal position in a corporation, the role of general counsel has evolved in recent years. In the past, a general counsel would have functioned as a legal watchdog overseeing ongoing legal matters. More recently, however, the general counsel of a corporation has increasingly been involved in risk management and legal strategy. This new role is more of a leadership position, and a general counsel is expected to contribute in situations involving crisis management and corporate transactions.

While large corporations have an in-house general counsel that provides guidance and leadership, smaller businesses will often leverage the services of a business lawyer specializing in this area as their go-to outsourced general counsel.

Intellectual Property

From physical inventions to novel processes to art and design, intellectual property can be highly valuable. Many corporations are driven by the intellectual property they possess, and they need to protect it as they would monetary assets.

That being said, everything a corporation produces does not qualify for protection. Experienced IP lawyers can direct a business to protect and defend its valuable IP properly.

Let Our Team of New York City Business Lawyers Empower Your Enterprise

Fridman Law Firm was founded on a combination of legal expertise and entrepreneurial know-how. We have worked on Wall Street and understand that every business faces unique challenges, regardless of size. Contact us today to learn how our bespoke legal solutions, business acumen, and hands-on approach can deliver exceptional value to your organization.

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