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Smart Moves For Protecting Your Work Products

You cannot always touch, taste or smell your intellectual property, but protecting your intellectual property can be vital to the lifecycle of your business. The term “intellectual property” applies to a wide range of original ideas or products, technological processes, systems, combinations of ingredients, sayings, writings, lyrics, art, music, software programs, logos and trademarks. Registering your tangible and intangible intellectual property can protect your exclusive rights to monetizing, including transferring ownership, of your original concepts and designs.

But not all novel creations qualify for IP protection. While critical to the success of your business, it is a complicated realm of state and federal laws.

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) governs federal policies regarding:

  • Patents: Original product inventions, if useful and not offensive
  • Trademarks: Wording, symbols or marks linked to a business and its services or products
  • Copyrights: Original writings, fine art, music, software, entertainment industry products
  • Trade secrets: Combination of ingredients or working systems

Whether you seek protection for a sophisticated or straightforward original concept, the process involves:

  • Researching into the USPTO records
  • Completing lengthy applications with detailed descriptions
  • Complying with strict timelines and re-registering regularly to ensure continuous protection

Durations for IP protections vary. Federal and state regulations apply and may also be subject to updates in case law. Strategizing with an attorney can streamline the process of protecting your qualifying intellectual property.

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