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Responsive and attentive startup lawyers committed to helping you move quickly and grow with confidence.
Don't Let the Unknown Hold You Back.
Businesses struggle to find counsel that's responsive and anticipates their current and future needs. Entrepreneurs often lose countless hours trying to keep up with their legal needs and don’t know how to manage.
Set Your Business Up For Success
Save precious time
Imagine the time you'll free up when you no longer have to think about your legal needs and potential liabilities. You have a firm of trusted and experienced attorneys on your team so you can focus on more important matters. Maybe spend more time with your family.
Legal fees made simple
We offer monthly subscription-based plans so you don't have to worry about racking up a huge bill when you need to talk to us. Get that peace of mind knowing you have access to us without the unexpected fees. Never be afraid to e-mail or call your lawyer again.
It's smooth scaling from here
Your company's potential continues to grow when you have responsive outside counsel looking out for your best interests now and in the future.
Free Up Your Time and Energy

Starting a business and scaling is really hard. There’s no guarantees that the sacrifices you’re making of your time, money, and relationships will pay off.

Many startups fail because they didn’t forecast future issues. Or know what milestones they needed to hit to start their next round of funding. It can be a delicate, strategic dance. We can help founders avoid these pitfalls.

Our team helps businesses like yours:

Feel empowered by your legal strategy. Work with a boutique legal team that prioritizes your specific needs so you can be agile and effective as you grow.
Instead of dealing with tedious contracts and time-consuming paperwork, get more time back to focus on what matters. We take care of everything from licensing to partnership agreements.
Real Estate Investors
We are committed to helping our real estate investors and developers win. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll help you get things done quickly while keeping your best interests in mind.
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Featured In:
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In 3 Simple Steps…
1. Schedule A Call
Get a free assessment call.
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2. Get A Customized Strategy
There are no one-size-fits-all in business. Your legal strategy needs the attentiveness and expertise of professionals who get it.
3. Scale With Success
Impress your investors and move forward with peace of mind and a clear path.
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