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Employment law basics you should know

by | Apr 13, 2022 | General Counsel

There are some things that every New York employer should know about the laws that govern their business. Breaking down the legal side of employment may seem daunting, but by starting with a clear overview of the most important basics, it’s possible for anyone to use this knowledge to enrich your company and conduct every business practice with confidence.

Employment law is an extremely broad term because every part of the relationship between employers and employees is encompassed by this branch of the law. Through contracts such as employment agreements, it defines everything from the amount of sick leave that each employee is entitled to, all the way up to the most serious issues like workplace harassment.

Essentially, these rules, regulations, statutes, and judicial decisions spell out what the rights are for the workers as well as for the people who hire them. Employment law is a crucial part of regulating the interactions between employees and their higher-ups.

What is an employment agreement?

One document that comes into play in employment law that most people have seen before – even if you may not have recognized it at the time – is an employment agreement. This is a representation of the contract you’re agreeing to with your employee. Although the most formal employment contracts are written out and signed by both parties, your agreement may also extend to things that you say and implied by the way both parties conduct themselves.

Whenever you sign an employment agreement, it’s important for workers to know when and how their employment might end. With at-will employment, for instance, you are allowed to leave your job whenever you want to without needing to give any notice. This is a double-edged sword, though, because it also opens up your employer to fire you without a reason or forewarning.