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Where to get seed funding

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Raising Capital

Many entrepreneurs in New York have excellent business ideas but lack the capital needed to start a new venture. Additionally, there are also many who have started on a shoestring budget and have proven their mission can be effective and profitable. Both of these business management groups have a similar problem though. Where do they get the necessary capital to grow their business to its full potential? There are actually a couple of ways these business owners can go in securing much-needed financing and potentially avoid high-interest business loans in the process. As a matter of fact, those with outstanding loans could use these avenues to reduce that financial liability.

Venture capital firm seeding

There are many established venture capital companies that are solely in the business of helping startups and small businesses wanting to grow. In order to get their products and companies off of the ground both in terms of growth and cash flow, it always takes significant seed capital to get started effectively on a grand scale. As opposed to a repayable business loan for capital raising, venture capitalist entities will instead want a percentage of ownership.

Angel contributors

There is also an option when venture capital cannot be obtained. These are individuals with idle financial resources who look for businesses that they see the potential for and can make a solid contribution to a particular industry or society in general. Sometimes these individuals can even be influenced by personal stories of how a business was first started or is unfolding. These capital raising alternatives are called angel investors, and the state of New York has many in this category.

Anyone with a solid business idea should take the time to look at potential funding for their dream business. Capital funding outlets for growth and setup are assuredly available, many of which are just waiting for great business ideas and opportunities to cross their desks.