Equity Crowdfunding

Get the capital you need to make your vision a reality. Through equity crowdfunding, you'll identify new investors, obtain PR, and get the runway you need to propel your business towards success.

What Is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is when a private business raises capital through the sale of securities, like shares of common stock of a private business. It’s a common way for entrepreneurs to tap into the additional resources and money they need to get their business off the ground.

There are three types of securities offerings to know about:

  1. Offerings of securities under Regulation CF (Title III of the JOBS Act)
  2. Rule 506(c) (Title II of the JOBS Act)
  3. Regulation A (Title IV of the JOBS Act)

Regulations around equity crowdfunding are constantly developing since it’s a newer form of fundraising. Meeting legal requirements can be complex so it’s imperative to have experienced lawyers guide you through this process the right way. Call us today at (212) 262-9823 or contact us here for an initial conversation with a lawyer that will understand your needs and get you moving faster towards success.

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Our experienced team will help you navigate the SEC and state regulations associated with raising capital. Feel confident that you’re totally compliant, so you can pitch investors and generate the funds you need to get to the next stage of your company's life cycle.

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