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California Mergers And Acquisitions Lawyer

California Mergers And Acquisitions Lawyer

Merging companies or taking over another business is often an exciting but daunting venture. After all, these transactions help businesses adapt, diversify, and conquer new markets. But these deals significantly impact the future of all stakeholders involved — owners, management, employees, vendors, suppliers, and even customers.

Each step of this delicate and complex process requires careful analysis and consideration. The sound counsel of an experienced California mergers and acquisitions lawyer can help you structure these transactions tax-efficiently, mitigate risks, and protect your interests from start to finish.

For years, the Fridman Law Firm has been a trusted guide for California’s first-transaction and deal-sophisticated buyers and sellers. Our legal team brings the necessary legal experience to the table to get your deal done. Using our firm’s vast resources, we provide multidisciplinary advice and collaborate closely with our clients to structure and execute all aspects of a transaction, from due diligence investigations and financing to regulatory filings. Our merger and acquisition lawyers in California will provide in-depth insights, empowering you to make sound business and legal decisions.

The California mergers and acquisition lawyers at the Fridman Law Firm provide solution-oriented representation to acquiring corporations and target companies in merger and acquisition (M&A) matters involving privately held companies, publicly traded companies, and deals involving private equity firms as buyers. We’re dedicated to helping small, midsized, and large companies get the best deals during mergers or acquisitions. Our California clients trust our skills and hands-on, partner-driven approach in both the technology and non-technology sectors in transactions of all sizes.

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What Are Mergers and Acquisitions?

The terms “merger” and “acquisition” refer to the unification of two or multiple companies, but they involve different processes and yield different outcomes. The following factors, among others, are usually what drive mergers and acquisitions:

  • Fortified supply chains
  • Client base expansion
  • Increased market share
  • Access to different markets
  • Higher shareholder value
  • Diversification of new products and services
  • Increased economies of scale


A merger is a business transaction that occurs when two or more separate companies join to form a single company. While mergers typically involve a buying and selling party, a “merger of equals” is possible where there is no acquiring company. Instead, the companies merging combine with nearly equal shares, and each company has nearly equal representation on the new board.


An acquisition is a transaction that occurs when one company purchases another company, business unit, or business organization and obtains all or a controlling interest in that company. The purchase can be made either through the acquisition of assets, shares, or other equity interests in the target company by the acquiring firm. There are two types of acquisitions, namely:

  • Asset Purchases. The acquirer buys the assets and liabilities of another business entity, including stock, facilities, vehicles, inventory, and equipment. After the transaction, the target company does not become a subsidiary of the acquirer. Instead, it retains its separate existence.
  • Stock Purchases. The acquirer buys the target company’s stock and takes on all the target company’s rights, assets, and liabilities.

Asset and stock purchases have unique benefits and risks, including tax benefits, securities concerns, liability transfers, shareholder concerns, re-negotiating contracts, valuations, and changing titles. Our business lawyers in California can help you understand each option and determine which approach works best for your business.

What Are the Common Types of Mergers and Acquisitions in California?

There are different types of mergers and acquisitions in California. How can you be sure what type of M&A will best serve your strategic goals? The options can be overwhelming, from vertical to horizontal mergers and conglomerate to concentric mergers. Understanding the dynamics of each type can help you make informed decisions and establish which will benefit your newly formed company’s growth and expansion. Here’s a look at the different types of mergers in California:

Horizontal Mergers: Competing Companies Unite

A horizontal merger is a business consolidation between business entities operating in the same industry, often as competitors with the same or equivalent products, product lines, or similar services to the final customer.

Through horizontal mergers and acquisitions, companies join forces to gain a greater market share and improve efficiency while reducing their immediate competition. Generally, this type is attractive for smaller firms aiming to build economies of scale and capitalize on merger synergies to create a larger and more robust business.

Vertical Mergers: Streamlining the Supply Chain

Vertical mergers involve two or several companies in the same industry producing similar goods and services but operating at different stages of production or the industry’s supply chain. Vertical mergers and acquisitions are ideal for businesses looking to streamline operations, cut costs across the supply chain, and boost efficiencies.

Concentric Mergers: Expanding Product Lines

In a concentric merger, also called a congeneric’ or ‘product extension merger, the acquirer and target company deal in different products and services that are related, operate in the same market, and share the same customer base. Through a concentric merger, companies benefit from cost reductions as they share distribution channels and other operational efficiencies and resources. The new business entity gains access to diversify its product lines and increase market share with minimized risk.

Conglomerate Mergers: Diversifying Business Operations

A conglomerate M&A occurs between two or more companies whose industries, product offerings, production stages, and markets may be completely unrelated. These mergers and acquisitions may be either pure conglomerates, where the merging companies operate separately in entirely unrelated industries and have no overlapping interests, or mixed conglomerates, where the companies involved seek to gain product or market extensions through the merger or acquisition.

The primary motivation behind conglomerate mergers and acquisitions is diversification outside each company’s core industry and customer base — the new entity increases its market share and diversifies its business.

When contemplating a merger or acquisition, collaborating with our skilled California mergers and acquisitions attorney ensures you get the best possible results from your deal. At the Fridman Law Firm, our M&A lawyers in California stand ready to navigate every facet of your business consolidation. With years of experience representing buyers and sellers from diverse California industries, we can proudly say we excel at all types of mergers, acquisitions, and transactions of all sizes.

What Does a Merger and Acquisition Attorney Do?

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most complex and significant transactions in the life of a company, the implications of which echo both internally and externally. With the significant impact and complexities of such matters, there’s no denying the vital role played by skilled mergers and acquisition lawyers.

Whether you’re being absorbed, absorbing another firm, or joining in some other way in California, the M&A lawyers at the Fridman Law Firm should be a part of your team, guiding you through the initial contracts and filings, negotiating the best terms possible, and ensuring your interests are protected. Our California mergers and acquisition lawyers are more than just M&A attorneys. Above all, we are a result-oriented team providing a unique blend of personalized service and strategic legal solutions for game-changing companies. We bring trust, experience, and results to each transaction.

The Fridman Law Firm can assist companies operating in the technology and non-technology industries with matters concerning mergers and acquisitions, such as:

  • Conducting due diligence
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Negotiating deals
  • Engaging in corporate governance
  • Addressing taxation issues
  • Conducting antitrust reviews
  • Handling regulatory filings
  • Drafting and reviewing transaction documents

There are many areas of concern in mergers and acquisitions, especially in California. Failure to properly prepare for all contingencies can result in errors and negligence that lead to denied approval, lawsuits, delays, liability, and other pitfalls that could potentially end the transaction.

Our California mergers and acquisition lawyers provide comprehensive counsel on how best to structure the deal, carry out due diligence, and identify any opportunities and risks, helping you move smoothly toward completing your merger or acquisition. Your best interests are at the core of any advice or legal action our California law firm takes on your behalf.

Experienced California Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers Showing Up for Your Success

At the Fridman Law Firm, our unwavering commitment to results sets us apart as experienced M&A legal experts. We understand that when it comes to complex matters like mergers and acquisitions, our clients seek more than just legal advice; they seek tangible solutions.

That’s why our seasoned California attorneys blend exceptional service with legal expertise, practical wisdom, and a dash of entrepreneurial skills. We align legal excellence with business brilliance, dive deep into due diligence, proactively identify potential challenges, and craft innovative strategies to address them head-on. Our legal team doesn’t get bogged down in obscure technicalities or engage in unnecessary theatrics during negotiations. Instead, we take swift and effective action, often overseeing entire transactions rather than simply providing legal counsel.

Whether you’re embarking on your first merger or acquisition or are a seasoned player, we are the law firm to call. Our extensive, successful track record in managing various mergers and acquisitions positions us as your trusted guide through this intricate process. Partner with our skilled attorneys in California, and rest assured that our expertise will steer you toward the best possible outcome. Contact the Fridman Law Firm today at 212-262-9823 to discuss your company’s needs regarding mergers and acquisitions in California.